"You can't wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club." – Jack London

It’s so nice, I went twice (in one day)

I LOVE ST. ANDREWS! And what’s not to love? It has beautiful beaches, is world-famous for being the home of golf and, oh yeah… it’s only where Wills met Kate! All touristy stuff aside though, you really must visit. There is more to offer than its celebrity status.  If you go further afield, you’ll discover historic castles, an ancient pagan site and further round the coast (down my bit) there’s old witch-trial sites, MORE castles and caves.

This, however, will be reserved for another post. My day concerned trying to entertain a two-year-old who’s obsessed with cows and singing “Incy-Wincy Spider”. Our day started off by having lunch in St. Andrews. We went to the cutest, wee cafe/coffee shop/deli (I don’t even think IT knows what it is, but I like it!). This place is called Mitchell’s Deli and is styled eclectically, with butcher shop ephemera. It focuses on providing high-quality, homemade-style food that is sourced locally. They also provide tea in actual tea cups and tea pots (complete with tea cosies), which is always a positive in my book. The wee bit of tablet that arrives on your saucer doesn’t hurt either!


Here is my beautiful mama kept on her toes by my wee totay of a niece. I love the butchers-cuts mural in the background!


And here’s the wee terror herself! Nah, she’s really my wee snookums. Complete free spirit, but my wee snookums nonetheless. In Mitchell’s, the seats are upholstered in recycled mens suit jackets. The crockery is mis-matched, and the cutlery is already on your table in old syrup tins. The deli definitely has a rustic feel, and upcycling, recycling and second-life are common place and often encouraged (deli patrons are urged to fill up their own glass bottles with the oils they sell).


After our lunch, we headed back down the coast. It was a beautiful day, so I made the wee totay a daisy chain. JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE. I could eat it!

Later that night, it was my friend, Faith’s, birthday. After a lovely meal, also in St. Andrews, we went to a bar called the Vic for cocktails. The Vic is owned by the same company as Mitchell’s and as a result, it has the same vibe.


Gin-based cocktails are hugely popular and come served in more tea cups! I had mines with Creme di Violette so it tasted like Parma Violets – YUM! Also in the Vic, are shelves full of STUFF. I like to think their props are there for dress-up purposes instead of decor. And, since it was Faith’s birthday,  and she is pony-daft, I dressed as a jockey as her gift from me…


She probably would’ve been happier with a birthday cocktail, but luckily a lovely American guy – I think he was from Michigan- caught wind that it was Faith’s birthday and brought over a drink for her – so cute! In my experience, American guys are complete gentlemen, so we were in good company.



Then we came home to meet up with a few friends and have a gallivant about the streets of Anster (or Anstruther, as it’s properly known), a place I MUST introduce to you all soon!


The bestest friend a girl could ever ask for, she is the June to my Johnny ❤



Welcome to the capital…

On Tuesday night, a couple of girlfriends and I headed out to Edinburgh. Living in Fife means that I’m only an hour’s car journey to the capital – perfect for an impromptu night out of sushi and cocktails. It had been a beautiful day and I was feeling all happy and summery, so I opted for a maxi dress with my staple – a black fedora. I accessorised with a black suede, fringed bag and a vast array of jewellery.


One outfit, a big bridge and a load of roadworks later, we were in Edinburgh…


Since we were staying in Haymarket, we decided to stick around there for some sushi. There were two sushi restaurants just round the corner from where we were staying, Sushiya and Hay Sushi. We’d gone to the former the last time the three of us went out, so we opted for the latter. The service was lovely and they had a great selection, but I think Sushiya may have won in the battle of ‘Best Haymarket Sushi’. Once we’d filled our bellies with as much raw fish as we could handle, we headed along to the Grassmarket…


The Grassmarket is probably one of the coolest places in Edinburgh. There’s a mix of trendy bars, old man pubs, vintage shops, the castle in the background and the Edinburgh College of Art right round the corner. Not to mention it inspired Harry Potter author, JK Rowling’s series of boy-wizard books. AND YOU CAN TELL. The old buildings are set on narrow, windy streets with quirky shop fronts. These streets lead down to a wide, cobbled space that’s lined with a mixture of pubs and shops.



Above left is the view of the Grassmarket with the stadium getting set up for the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, and on the right is a floodlit Edinburgh Castle overlooking the square.

Our first stop on the Grassmarket was the Dragonfly cocktail bar. It’s very narrow, with an even narrower mezzanine level. As the name would suggest, they specialise in cocktails. Cocktails that come in very large glasses. I like to call them ‘goblets’, but they’re probably more akin to a small goldfish bowl.



Next stop on our night out was another cocktail bar that none of us had been to before called Under the Stairs at the opposite end of the Grassmarket. On our way we passed one of the best-stocked hat shop EVER, Fabhatrix and a place that specialised in crystals called Mr Wood’s Fossils. I took some photos but I couldn’t use them. Unfortunately I only had my iPhone and, as you can see, some of my pictures aren’t great due to the lack of light. Sadface. Just means I’ll have to go back again through the day for a proper forage!

Anywhos, we continued on to our final destination and it didn’t disappoint! It literally was under the stairs.



It was all low ceilings, comfy seats, candlelight and laid-back music. My kinda place really. The bar staff had a great, chilled-out attitude and we were swiftly given wood-bound menus. I promptly decided on their version of a Bloody Mary called Mary Under the Stairs which literally had a salad in it. You were given the option of vodka or rum but I like neither, so I asked for gin instead. And for it to be SPICY. When it arrived it had a whole stalk of fresh basil sticking out of it, chopped tomatoes and an array of fresh herbs. It was a meal in a cup.  And when I’d finished, I was left with what looked like some fairly decent salsa!


Although we thoroughly enjoyed our cocktails, we were all feeling a bit cocktailed-out, and I don’t like mixing too many drinks which often happens, so we decided to finish our night out with a beer. THREE ERDINGER’S PLEASE! Nothing beats a beer, and nothing beats a pint of Erdinger. Looks so wrong, but tastes so right…



Sacred Geometry

I’d recently picked up this shirt for work and it instantly reminded me of the Sacred Geometry lookbook from freepeople.com about a month back. If anything has come close to persuading me to get a tattoo, it would be that article on their blog! I paired my new shirt with black tuxedo trousers and a fedora. I also threw in my Johnston’s of Elgin tartan scarf for good measure as it was pouring down today.


I accessorised my outfit with some of my favourite jewellery which also enhanced the ‘sacredness’ of my ensemble; a turquoise ring I picked up while travelling in Berlin, and my rose quartz pendulum necklace that I absolutely ADORE. I’m also wearing my chunky Michael Kors watch here which isn’t sacred, it’s just beast.


Morning View

So Friday happened. And it was GLORIOUS. An all-round, perfect day that started off with some alfresco breakfasting. The sun was uncharacteristically strong for 9am in a costal fishing village and since I was due at work in an hour I decided to make the most of it. I started the day off with my usual peanut butter, mashed banana and honey combination on toast washed down with a mug of green tea. A simple and hearty breakfast that saw me through to whatever I could scavenge from the kitchen at lunch. My morning was just beautiful! I couldn’t describe it any other way. Having palm trees in my garden doesn’t hurt either when I’m trying to pretend I’m anywhere else but away to start work in a pub for six hours.


I had a little extra time to kill before I had to work so I made an impromptu ankle bracelet. I used a very simple friendship bracelet design that doesn’t use up too much precious thread. I decided to make a red one since it is the colour of the base chakra and it relates to the legs and feet. I am definitely very drawn to the colour red… it just seems so powerful. It is also the colour of self-awareness which holds relevance for me. There’s a struggle there between constantly examining your behaviour, and having a devil-may-care attitude. I’d love to find the perfect balance one day…