Morning View

by stephanieseyes

So Friday happened. And it was GLORIOUS. An all-round, perfect day that started off with some alfresco breakfasting. The sun was uncharacteristically strong for 9am in a costal fishing village and since I was due at work in an hour I decided to make the most of it. I started the day off with my usual peanut butter, mashed banana and honey combination on toast washed down with a mug of green tea. A simple and hearty breakfast that saw me through to whatever I could scavenge from the kitchen at lunch. My morning was just beautiful! I couldn’t describe it any other way. Having palm trees in my garden doesn’t hurt either when I’m trying to pretend I’m anywhere else but away to start work in a pub for six hours.


I had a little extra time to kill before I had to work so I made an impromptu ankle bracelet. I used a very simple friendship bracelet design that doesn’t use up too much precious thread. I decided to make a red one since it is the colour of the base chakra and it relates to the legs and feet. I am definitely very drawn to the colour red… it just seems so powerful. It is also the colour of self-awareness which holds relevance for me. There’s a struggle there between constantly examining your behaviour, and having a devil-may-care attitude. I’d love to find the perfect balance one day…